Rural Development

For a dynamic rural environment!

Mandated by the RCM Rimouski-Neigette, the SOPER offers communities and rural organisations in the RCM Rimouski-Neigette the opportunity to access funding from the Fonds de développment rural (Rural Development Fund).

Formulaire de présentation de projet (French) (update Septembre 2018)
Formulaire montage financier (French)
Politique de soutien aux projets structurants pour améliorer le milieu de vie (French)

Our rural development professional supports municipalities, development corporations and local committees as they carry out different projects. She also supports the rural environment through consultation, mobilisation and collaboration strategies.

Services and advice that go a long way

Supported by a multidisciplinary team, our rural development officer can help you with any project, including how to benefit from rural development funding.

  • Community support
    • Guide local committee participants in problem solving
    • Equip and support the community
    • Foster and encourage community action
  • Vitalise the territories
    • Mobilise the community
    • Create partnerships
    • Participate in rural strategic planning and cooperation exercises
    • Reconcile different positions
    • Train participants in the territorial development process
  • Technical expertise
    • To advise and help communities and project leader organisations
      • Business projects: ensure the link to an economic development professional at the SOPER
    • Involve available expertise
    • Promote and defend cases and projects
  • Develop new expertise

To take you far:

Martine Proulx

Rural Development Advisor

418 722-4781 ext. 239 |