Economic Development

A multidisciplinary team for local entrepreneurs

The SOPER: present at every stage of your business project

  • Launch La multidisciplinarité de notre équipe : une aide précieuse en démarrage d’entreprise
  • Consolidation
  • Expansion
  • Succession Our professionals encourage entrepreneurial succession!
  • Acquisition
  • Support, advice and tools for each step of business development:
    • Drafting a business plan
    • Financial planning
    • Geographic placing
    • Market analysis and positioning
    • Sector regulations and constraints
    • Communications (public relations and social media)
    • Marketing
  • Organisation of customized training for entrepreneurs
  • Guidance to appropriated resources and networking
  • Support for municipalities, development corporations and local committees to help prioritize initiatives, plan and accomplish projects
  • On-site support for successful consultation, mobilisation and collaboration
  • Accompagnement et soutien aux projets de démarrage, d’acquisition, de relève, d’expansion et de consolidation
  • Recherche de financement
  • Financement sous forme de prêt
  • Réseau M (Network M) affiliated mentorship service
  • Representative and STA director for the local employment centre (CLE)
  • Support and advice for business and leisure tourism
  • Index and referrals to services and product providers
  • A warm welcome and tourist information for visitors
  • Training for different stakeholders in the tourism industry

And for all businesses

  • Self-employed workers
  • Collective businesses (cooperatives and non-profit organisations)
  • Individual businesses
  • Incorporated businesses
  • Partnerships

A bank of candidates for entrepreneurial succession

The region’s accounting firms and the SOPER have partnered to create a database of candidates interested in entrepreneurial succession. Contact us for more information.

To take you far:

Jean Létourneau

Executive director

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Sévrine Leclerc

Economic development director

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Annie Lavoie

Business advisor

418 722-4781 #226 |

Pierre-Luc Pigeon

Business advisor

418 722-4781 #210 |

Geneviève Allard

Customer solution advisor

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