Entrepreneurial mentorship to go further, sooner

Eight local mentoring cells, one in each RCM, provide mentorship to entrepreneurs in the Bas-Saint-Laurent. More than 50 mentors help entrepreneurs from the region to develop their soft skills by sharing their experiences. The relationship with the mentor does not have a fixed duration but evolves according to the needs of the entrepreneur.

Your Mentorship Cell in Rimouski

In the RCM Rimouski-Neigette, the SOPER provides your mentorship cell. Whether you wish to become a mentor or mentee, you’re certain to gain a lot.

Mentorship – ensuring success

  • 66% of mentored businesses saw a 32% increase in turnover
  • 73% of businesses benefitting from mentorship for entrepreneurs make it past 5 years of existence
  • 1/3 of Bas-Saint-Laurent entrepreneurs state that the presence of a mentor helps them to take action

Jean Pouliot, head mentor for the Rimouski Cell

“The people I work with when I volunteer bring me so much. I would not be the person I have become without this interaction. This is why, in all humility, I wish to pass on my values to other entrepreneurs, values such as respect, mobilisation, integrity, rigour and professional development. Mentorship, for me, is listening, questioning and sharing with the aim of helping business leaders to progress.”

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